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On Ramps Church



As On Ramps' mission moves forward, we envision catalyzing and connecting churches in each of Fresno's 22 neighborhoods experiencing concentrated poverty, united around pursuing this same mission.  

"Where the healed become the healers."

On Ramps exists to be a Healing Community Healing its Community

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We pursue our mission by seeking to embody the following values:

REACH (Relationships Matter), RENEW (Scripture, Prayer, & Worship), RELEASE (Empowerment), and REPEAT (Simplicity & Sustainability)

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On Ramps Covenant Church is a member of the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.  
We are a Jesus-following, multi-ethnic/class/cultural/generational church community that is pursuing God's Kingdom in and for the Lowell neighborhood of Fresno CA, as it is in heaven.  On Ramps reflects a...

  • Parish-Minded: we are commitment to a specific geography.  The church is committed to a place.

  • Contempor-ancient: our life together as a faith community seeks to be informed and inspired by the best of the whole Christian tradition, while not being "backwards looking". We want to pursue a faith formed not just by our culture, era or denomination, this is a part of our embrace of the full diversity if the Body of Christ. 

  • Tension-Embracing: a fundamental belief that God is greater than anything that divides us. The tension that diversity brings is something we "lean into" not run away from.  The church understands its position as unique because it seeks to hold together in relationship everything that is distinct because each of those differences come from God.

  • Partnership-Oriented: we understand that the vision God has given us is bigger than any single local church and will require partnership. This is the church's posture.

  • Mission-Driven: The church doesn't have a mission - God's mission has a church.  The church has a purpose.

  • Gift-Valuing: God has given everyone gifts. Leadership, therefore, is not the task of a small group but of all. This centers church polity  around the community rather than a few individuals.

  • Burden-Bearing: at the end of the day, nothing matters more than relationships. We will forego tasks in order to be present to one another in Biblical community.  The church is about people.

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The Lowell neighborhood is a very unique place, once known as the "Devil's Triangle," because of the toxic concentration of poverty and all it's deadly symptoms, fortunately Lowell is so much more than it's struggles. Known for its rich community life, beautiful historic architecture, it's collaborative partnerships and God-given vision.
The neighborhood is comprised of 750 properties, 1,500 addresses, and 6,800 residents. 
66% of these residents are Latino/a (1/2 of these are estimated to be undocumented), 15% are White, 11% are Asian, and 8% are Black. 75% of the community does not hold a High School Diploma and the Median Household Income is just under $13,000 annually.  This is On Ramps Covenant Church's "parish."
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1955 Broadway St. Fresno, CA 93721         Tel: 559-481-1120

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