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Communion Gathering



Fulfillment Gathering

So...we're a little different.


On Ramps has a conviction about worship gatherings and the church. You see, most church leaders agree that the mission of the church is to "make disciples of all peoples," as expressed by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20.  Yet we confess that Sunday morning, the time in which most of our congregation is gathered, really does not further our mission.  It is often spoken of as a time of "fellowship" or "celebration."  So churches have created alternative gathering structures (i.e. small groups, outreach events, etc) to facilitate the church's mission.  While this is a reasonable approach, it has not been very effective because only a very small fraction of the congregation participates in these structures.


Consequently, On Ramps has implemented a different strategy based upon the research of Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean in Almost Christian. We are making disciples through our worship gatherings!  On Ramps has designed our largest weekly gathering structure to accomplish our mission, rather than missing this missional opportunity.  The diagram above expresses our monthly rhythm of weekly worship gatherings.

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